Why choose Us

We’re the experts in luxury clothing manufacture. We can put anything on our stunning fabrics, from art and photography to branding and graphics. We take the stress out of the production process, from finalising designs to choosing fabrics and quality control. We work with artists, retailers, start-ups and established brands, treating every client with care and dedication. Our natural fibres are ethically produced to support local craftspeople across the globe.

Our Mission

We work to deliver bespoke high-end fashion products using luxury materials and ethical production methods at affordable prices. The Bhavna Rishi label supports local communities across the globe by generating employment through the production of ethical fashion. Our mission is to help our clients define their identity through “artistic products that are for life not just for a season” using responsible business practices.

What we Do

We inspire, design, collaborate and manufacture to put spectacular prints on beautiful bespoke fashion products, taking clients seamlessly from concept to delivery. We can turn your idea into a finished design and your design into a striking clothing range. Give us your design idea and we can make it real!

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Creative Director & Co-Founder

Bhavna Rishi

Creative Director Bhavna Rishi is a self-taught designer whose unique prints are inspired by the colours and patterns of her Indian childhood and the global art and culture she has soaked up on her travels.

Bhavna Rishi is passionate about using ethical production methods to bring her designs to life, working with artisans skilled in traditional methods to maintain the beauty and feel of natural fabrics.

Building on a business background in corporate project management roles, Bhavna followed her passion for pattern and started the Bhavna brand to offer luxury accessories and hassle-free production processes at competitive price-points.

The Bhavna label has gone from strength to strength; in 2010 the British Fashion Council awarded the brand its own show at London Fashion Week and it has collaborated with artists, fashion designers, corporate clients and retailers.

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