Hello, I am Bhavna Rishi and I am the founder of Bhavna Rishi London.

Whether you’re an established artist or an upcoming one, a start-up or a museum, I am here to advise and guide you to print your creative ideas on fabrics. Your creative idea could be a painting, photograph, illustration, or a theme.

Why would you merchandise or consider reproduction of your artworks?
Simply to maximise your exposure & sales.

And how would you do that?
Using my hassle-free production platform that I have created over 10 years.
One of my favourite things is to create incredible products from artworks and converting them into something that you’ll love!
If you are stressed about what and how to print your design … or ideas in general? You have come to the right place.
Get my expertise learnt from years of printing and creating products to help you.

So, how did it all start?
I am a self-taught designer from business background in corporate project management roles. I switched to creative design to follow my passion for prints and am inspired by the colours and patterns of my Indian childhood and the global art and culture that I have soaked up on my travels.

My journey in fashion started when I was awarded my own show by the British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week in 2010 and Bhavna Rishi London was born to offer luxury accessories and hassle-free production processes at competitive price-points. With over 10 years of design to production experience, I have developed deep understanding of all aspects of the fashion industry, from product development to sourcing to manufacturing.

Through trade shows and referrals I have worked with some remarkable people creating beautiful products and merchandise. My clients range from individual artists, creatives and small businesses to larger fashion companies, retailers and museums like the V&A. My labels have been stocked in boutique shops and stores around England including Fenwick, British Museum, Woolovers, Orvis, Chattsworth House.

If you want your ideas turn to reality, click below

and I look forward to collaborating with you.

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